Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Biding my time

Waiting for the girlfriend to get home, should play a video game.
I'll just go ahead and finish up GTA:SA, the gf is getting Vice City today, haven't actually played that one through, not sure what's stopped me before.
Probably done with blogging today, more touhou posts tomorrow, should probably practice those as well.
Oh well, I'm off.


Just an awesome F2P MMO I'm looking forward to.

Should be in open beta soon.

Touhou - Perfect Cherry Blossom (AKA Touhou 7)

Perfect Cherry Blossom


The largest change Perfect Cherry Blossom introduces over its predecessor Embodiment of Scarlet Devil is the addition of the "Cherry" scoring system. Almost every part of the game is linked with the "Cherry Meter": shooting enemies increases your Cherry points, bombing or dying decreases your Cherry points, reaching 50,000 Cherry+ points gives you a temporary shield. The higher the Cherry Gauge becomes, the more points you gain from Point Items.

Other important gameplay changes introduced in Perfect Cherry Blossom are the appearance of your character's hitbox while you are focused, a change in the properties of your attacks depending on whether you are normal or focused, and a helpful cursor on the bottom margin during a boss battle which tells you where the boss is currently located. 
This time the story goes like this:
The game takes place in the mystic oriental land of Gensokyo, as usual. In the game's scenario, May has already begun, yet the winter storms show no signs of stopping just yet. Playing as either Reimu Hakurei (a shrine maiden), Marisa Kirisame (a playful magician) or Sakuya Izayoi (the head maid from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil), you must battle your way through 6 difficult stages and 2 unlockable extra stages into the depths of the Netherworld to uncover the truth behind the stolen spring

Once the game has been completed without continuing, an Extra Stage is unlocked, available for any character that has accomplished that feat. The Extra Stage features significantly stronger and faster enemies, an extremely difficult midboss and boss battle, and no option to continue if all lives are lost.
The Phantasm difficulty of the Extra Stage is unlocked for a character once you clear the Extra Stage and capture 60 spellcards with all characters combined. This one is like a "second quest" of Extra. Many of the Spell Cards are similar, but all of them are ramped up in difficulty.

This game is a bit easier than EoSD, but getting the second extra stage can be quite challenging.
I can complete this one pretty well.

Stage 6 on lunatic with Sakuya.

Extra clear with Reimu, stage parts are sped up so the video would be under 10 minutes.

Extra 2(Phantasm) Part 1 with Reimu

Extra 2(Phantasm) Part 2 with Reimu


I just realized that apparently I'm a complete weeaboo now.
Listening to jpop while writing about a japanese shmup, while reading some manga on the side.
I need to make up for this by listening to some metal and play some GTA:SA.
 Oh wait, my GTA also has a ton of anime mod and the metal I listen to recently is mostly just touhou music remixes, fuck.
Guess there's no turning back anymore.

Touhou - Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (AKA Touhou 6)

There are also Touhou games 1 through 5, but this one is considered the first shmup in the series and as 1-5 are for the pc-98, most people haven't even played them.
I did try them, but they just weren't all that good, the graphics were quite horrible and there wasn't a hint of the awesome music that's found in the later games.
Mystic Square(Touhou 5) was probably the best out of the first 5.
But enough rambling

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

So this is considered the first and I can easily see why, it's got a lot more polish than the first 5 and it also has a great soundtrack, which the series is known for.
It's also considered one of the hardest in the series.

The game takes place in the mystic oriental land of Gensokyo, as usual. The story revolves around the appearance of a thick red mist, that has covered the land and blocked out the sun. Playing as either Reimu Hakurei (a shrine maiden) or Marisa Kirisame (a playful magician), you must battle your way through 6 difficult stages toward the source of the red mist, and face the "Scarlet Devil" behind it all.

A straightforward story, but no one plays these games for the story anyways, good music and visuals.
I can barely beat it on normal mode, but any touhou player should play this title anyways. Not good for beginners, though.

Also, have a video, if you've never heard of these games, I'll put a few videos in each post.
I'm posting the harder stages and harder difficulties, as those will give you an idea how hard this game can be.

This is the extra stage you unlock when beating the game on normal with no continues used.

And this is the final stage on the hardest difficulty.


I'm gonna make a couple of touhou related posts now, it's probably the best shmup I've ever played.
I'll give an overview and my thoughts on every game on series, maybe it'll get your interest too.

First post

So I'm going to start posting here about anything and everything that currently interests me, whatever that may be.