Friday, September 10, 2010

Time killers

Some links now that I like to kill time with and check frequently, check them out.

Home of the Angry video Game Nerd, everyone should know him by now, really good bad game reviews.

Videogame reviews, movie reviews and vblogs, this is a great site, one of the first I ever started checking out often.

All sorts of game/movie/anime/comic book reviewers in one place, this site is good for killing days and days.
I usually check out Nostalgia Critic, Nostalgia Chick, Until We Win, Ask That Guy and The Cinema Snob

DBZ Abridged, really well done and I definitely suggest it if you've ever seen Dragonball Z.

Yu-Gi-Oh abridged series, really funny stuff, recommended viewing for anyone who has seen Yu-Gi-Oh

There are a bunch of Webcomics I visit daily too, I suggest checking them all out.

Questionable Content is a slice-of-life webcomic.
The plot centers on Marten Reed, an indie rock aficionado; his roommate, Faye Whitaker; and Faye's boss, Dora Bianchi. Supporting characters include employees of the local coffee shop, neighbours and anthropomorphized personal computers. QC's storytelling style combines romantic melodrama, sitcom, humor about indie rock music, and sexual or scatological humor.
I've been following this since pretty much it's beginning, I strongly suggest checking it out.

Home of Cyanide and Happiness. There's no plot here, they're pretty good comics, though, they also have short flash animations of the comic, check it out.

Looking for Group is a fantasy-themed webcomic.
The Comic follows the adventures of Cale'Anon (an elven hunter) and Richard (an undead warlock), as well as their companions.
This isn't a funny webcomic, but I recommend it anyways, it's pretty good.

Who doesn't know this webcomic? It's one of the oldest around and one of the best.
Penny Arcade is a webcomic focused on video games and video gaming culture.

No comment, you need to see this for yourself, I was laughing myself mad the first time I saw it, not recommended for everyone, though.

Basic instructions for everyday life in webcomic form, many laughs are to be had.

It's a WoW based webcomic, playing the game is not required to understand any of the jokes, though, as I've never played WoW.
I find this stuff pretty funny.

And these are the links I kill most of my time with, I hope you enjoy at least some of them.


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