Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Touhou - Imperishable Night (AKA Touhou 8)

The game takes place in the mystic oriental land of Gensokyo. Someone has replaced the real moon with a fake moon that can never become full. Playing as one of 4 human/youkai teams, you must battle your way through 6 difficult stages in search of the full moon and face the one responsible for its disappearance.

Touhou 8 is considered the easiest in the series and is recommended for beginners, there are also several characters to choose from and that makes for some interesting gameplay.

Imperishable Night features a total of eight playable characters, in pre-set pairs (and later, individually). The pairs work in tandem: one person fires when unfocused, while the other pops in and fires when focused, with a reduction in movement speed. The two attacks can be drastically different. The individual characters do not have an attack change when focused, with the exception of Remilia.

Quite a few smaller details are unique to this game, including Last Spells - for an enemy, a Last Spell is a bonus Spell Card which the player can tackle without fear of losing lives/bombs. On the player side, Last Spells are secondary "bomb" Spell Cards, which last longer/do much more damage at the expense of two bomb stocks. There is a gauge which tracks how human/youkai (normal/focused) you are, as well as a new "Time" system, which affects gameplay.

Extra clear

Lunatic Stage 6B no deaths.


  1. Ah, Touhou, insane isn't quite as hard as people make it out to be, but I get through with some deaths though, but this is only having like two hours of play time or so.

    I'm sure it's a lot harder for entire no death runs and bonus stages.

  2. this one is realy a cool game
    kepp it up bro!

  3. trippy game after all